Sunday, May 10, 2009

Where am I

May 10, 2009 Sunday Happy Mother's Day!!
Well, I am back in Tuscaloosa now, looking forward to going back to Jackson this summer. I want a samich from Kellie’s deli; I heard they were the best in town. Have to find out for myself.
While I was walking around McKee drive yesterday morning, soaking in the humidity, I was thinking about doing what you love to do. Many people go through life hating what they do; by that I mean their life, their job, their location, things about them. Why would we spend our lives being miserable? We are where we are due to the decisions and choices we have made during our lives. However, isn’t having peace and joy more important that other stuff? You can all the stuff you can think of and not have peace and joy. If that is your case, I can only imagine how unhappy and miserable you are at times. Stuff is ok to have, but to me happiness, joy, peace, content; the satisfaction that I am doing what I love to do most; what I was created to do, is more important that anything.
It’s good to take inventory of your life from time to time and make sure you are where you should be and doing what you should be doing. Not just surviving, but living! If you are not where you want to be in life, then it’s time to make some changes in yourself, not others, but yourself. Life is too short and for that matter too long not to be living your destiny!

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