Tuesday, May 19, 2009


May 19, 2009 Tuesday
Pressure! How do you react when you are put under pressure? Some people say they do better under pressure than when they aren’t. I think most of us do better under a little pressure, but when things are added we don’t do as well. Some of us just shut down when the pressure is on. There are very few that I see that really do better when under pressure. When the heat is on how do you perform? I would like to believe that I do better under pressure and then when things are added that I still react efficiently. I try to stay on an even kiln, meaning I don’t go to pieces when put under sudden pressure or on a deadline. When something happens all of a sudden how do you handle it? I would like to think that I handle it well. With changes taking place this week I hope that I do handle it well. How do we handle pressure? How do we handle sudden changes in our lives? How stable are we? How mental tough are we? How grounded are we? All of these are questions that are being answered everyday by how we handle life.

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  1. Pressure forces us to go in a direction that we would not have gone in otherwise. I think Pressure itself is positive; it's our handling of it that makes it either positive or negative. What makes it negative usually stems from self doubt and fear. Facing it with courage makes it incredibly positive.