Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dream on

May 26, 2009 Tuesday
I wanted to touch on dreams at least one more day. From the point of view of don’t ever let anyone steal your dream from you. Don’t let others impose limitations on your dreams. Don’t let others stop you from dreaming big. You have to innate gift to dream and dream big, so don’t let someone else’s lid prevent you from reaching your wildest dreams. You have the ability and the know how to accomplish your dreams. Go back to the dreams you had long ago, when you would lay in bed and dream about your future; your destiny. Those dreams can live if you will give them live. I understand that sometimes we make decisions that destroy our dreams, but dream again. Don’t let past decisions and lost hopes and dreams rob you of your destiny. Don’t let failure and disappointments keep you down and stop you from dreaming. Your dreams can live!!! Your dreams can come to life. Yes they can!!! Free yourself and your mind to dream!

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