Friday, May 8, 2009

Truth to truth

May 8, 2009 Friday
I will be in Jackson today and some of tomorrow. I am excited about getting to go home for a little while. It is always good to get to see my mom, family, and good friends. But then it is good to get to come back to Tuscaloosa.
We have been talking about truth; I have gotten some very good comments from you about truth too. Many have made mention that the real Truth is Jesus, and you are correct, but He also gave us other truth’s that we have to know. Notice that one is capital letter T and the other is lower case t. There are truths that we need to recognize during our lives that will enable us to reach our destiny. But in our search for truth don’t fail to recognize that the Truth is the way to truth.
Most of the time the truth was right before our eyes the whole time, but we either refused to recognize it or we were looking so hard we couldn’t see the forest for the trees. Either way we miss out on awesome truths if we aren’t careful. So let’s take the time to take a truth inventory of our life and see what we are missing. If you can’t seem to find the truth you are looking for; together we can find it.
Remember that in June I am giving you the opportunity to ask questions that you might have. Some have already started and that is fine. But if you have anything you want to ask me go ahead and we will set aside some time next month to answer them.
Don’t forget Sunday is Mother’s Day!!!!

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