Wednesday, May 20, 2009

One Thing

May 20, 2009 Wednesday
I have been thinking a lot here lately about gifts/talents, those things that we are good at. I see people that seem to have so many talents, so many gifts. Then there is me, folk with one gift or talent. In the movie City Slickers, there is a scene with Billy Crystal and Jack Palance, they are talking about life and such, Palance tells Crystal to just concentrate on one thing, Crystal asks Palance what that is, and Palance tells him that is up to him to determine. I really, really like that scene. It reminds us to concentrate on the one thing that we were placed here to do. Don’t lose focus on trying to do too many things. We are only capable of focusing on one thing at a time and still be effective. When we add things we start to break down and are not very efficient. Find that one that thing, that one thing that you are good at, that you were created to do. Find the one thing that you are good at, you are passionate about and you live to do. What is that one thing in your life?

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  1. Hey Scott,

    Just swapped follows with you on Twitter.

    Interesting that you should write about the "one thing" as I have been deliberating over this for the last few months. I'm someone who has always been good at everthing, yet great at nothing. On top of that, everything I do and enjoy seems to be at opposite ends of the spectrum to something else. I'm sociable, and like a drink (too many) with friends, yet I am a bit of a gym-freak. I am a scientist by trade, but I am just getting started on the road to becoming a fiction author (first book published), two completely contrasting subjects.

    I'm only 29, but I don't know what is best. Should I spend the rest of my life not achieving much in any particular aspect of my life, but experiencing a great deal? Or, is it best to pick one thing and attack it with everything I have?

    I am pulled in every direction... does that leave me stretched, or does pulling me in every direction leave me in the middle, and well-rounded? I sort of have a plan... sort of.

    Would be interested in your thoughts.