Wednesday, May 13, 2009


May 13, 2009 Wednesday
School is so close to being over, so why am I finding it hard to be motivated. Usually motivation comes easy for me. I am a self starter, don’t need coaching up; I am usually ready to go, ready to get started, ready to get the job done. However, today is not one of those days. It goes to show that you have to be ready in all situations, no matter what your strengths.
It is during times like this that I really have to watch my actions toward other people. When we are dealing with someone, tired, not feeling well, un-motivated; we tend to take it out on others. Usually the ones that get hit are the innocent by-standers that meant no harm. It is during this time that we really need to watch our actions. Take extra precaution before you say something or do something; make sure it is the right thing to do or say. Because once it is said or done there is no taking it back. I make no excuses when I mess up, only that it is my fault and I apologize; and make every effort to see that it does not happen again. Don’t brag about how you go off on people and leave a wake of devastation behind you. That is nothing to brag about, but that is stuff we should feel ashamed of. Come on, anyone can do that, it takes a stronger person to stand quiet and stand strong; doing what is right no matter how we feel or what the situation.

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