Sunday, May 17, 2009

Finding Nemo

May 17, 2009 Sunday
I think I have been watching the Finding Nemo marathon. Every time this weekend that I have seen the TV, Nemo was on. Gloria loves Nemo, especially the Starfish when he says, “EBay.”
Anyways, during one of the scenes, Nemo and others, are caught in a net and are being hoisted up by a block and tackle onto the boat. But Nemo’s dad begins to encourage the fish to swim downward. As the fish slowly begin to hear him and then listen to him, against all odds they begin to respond. He encourages them not to give up, not to quit, but keep trying, to keep swimming. As the fish begin to swim, at first reluctantly, but now with more energy, the net begins to stops ascending and begins to lower, the block and tackle give way under the strain and the fish are free. All because they kept swimming and wouldn’t give up, even when it looked like all hope was gone.
If Nemo and his friends can beat the odds, then so can we. So keep swimming and don’t give up no matter if the odds are against you or not!! I love that Nemo…

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