Saturday, May 23, 2009

Destiny Dream

May 23, 2009 Saturday
Now that my schedule has changed I may need to send out the blog message early some days. I know that some get this on their phone as a text message, I don’t want to wake anyone with the message, I know that I have in the past. If me sending this out early is going to cause problems let’s look at another way of you receiving it. My sending it early should not be a reason for you not getting it any longer. We can make it work for you.
I want to thank Ryan Fellman for all he has done for me. He is responsible for much of the success of spreading this blog out across the country. Awesome young man he is!!!
Dreams are the subject we have been talking about. You are seeing my dream reveal itself day after day. I have a dream that my family will be taken care of far beyond what I can do for them. When I say family I mean Melissa, Gloria, my mom, even my in-laws. I dream of being able to take care of them that far exceed our dreams. A few years ago I was told by Troy Miller that I was going to be blessed far beyond my wildest dreams. I can really dream so watch out!!! My dreams rarely are about myself only but about my family and you guys. I want to see each of you reach your destiny and accomplish everything that you dream. I know that if your dream is from God, then there is nothing that can stop you, nor stop me. Just be sure it’s from God, and then move on it. Hold on tight to your dreams is what ELO said. I firmly agree. Let’s dream the dream and live it!!!

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