Friday, May 15, 2009

Don't take it for granted

May 15, 2009 Friday
What!? Did someone say it is Friday?!! Finally Friday… These last few days of school went slow when I was a student and they still do as a teacher. I do want to enjoy my last few days as a teacher here at Open Door though. It has been an awesome experience here the past three years. I will never forget the feeling of those first few days three years ago when I came here. I was very unsure of how it would go and I never imagined it would be as great as it has been. I will never forget my time here and the memories I have locked away.
Never take for granted where you are right now. You may be there for a long time or for a short season, just as I was here. However, always learn from those around you and be sure to give back to them as well. Just as you receive from others, be sure that you are giving to others too. We are never in a place where we can’t learn, sometimes we simply choose not too. Learn so that you can teach too. I have been in places where I was miserable, but I learned from the experience. Never stop learning. For when you stop learning you stop living!

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