Sunday, May 31, 2009


May 31, 2009 Sunday
Well, we are leaving today for Jackson to see mom and then to Gulf Shores. It is birthday week for us. Gloria is June 1st and Melissa is June 4th so we celebrate all week. It is a fun week for us!!
I am currently finishing up the conclusion for the book project. I have been asked by the publisher to get as many endorsements as I can get to put in the book. So if you want to endorse me and the book please do so, I have had some of you do that already. Thank you! I feel awkward asking people to endorse, or in other words “praise me”. But you got to do what you got to do.
If there is anyone you know that would like to get this blog each day; if they are on facebook invite them to join, if they aren’t we can email it to them, just have them email me so I can have their address.
I want to thank all you again for being so supportive during the past 8 months; that’s how long I have been doing this blog. A lot of people have come and gone, but I was not expecting the numbers that stayed. I am over whelmed by you guys! You all are so awesome and I am very thankful for each of you. I could not do this without you.
I am excited about the book project and will give you more details when they are available. I hope you will all be ready to get a copy when it’s ready. Have a great Sunday and we will get back on track tomorrow from beautiful Gulf Shores!!!!

Saturday, May 30, 2009


May 30, 2009 Saturday
Have you ever been confused, frustrated, aggravated, agitated, un-sure, scared, about what you were doing in life? There are times when writing about destiny that I wake up and feel all those things. I am no different than anyone else. The more I write about destiny, the more often I feel that way. However, I know then more than ever that I do have a purpose and a specific destiny in life. The same goes for you. Every one of us has felt like that at one time or another. If you feel that way right now, rest assured that we all have been there before. You are not alone!! Trust me; I feel that way at least once a week, but I know it’s a lie. The prophet Jeremiah said, that God has a plan for your life and it’s a good plan. That’s enough for me. I don’t always know what to do, I am there right now. However, I just do what the last thing I was told to do. Right now it is writing this blog and writing on destiny. I am also getting ideas about the next project about athletics building character.
So be encouraged you are not by yourself. Be of good cheer! We might have gotten here on different ships, but we all in the same boat now!! Encourage someone today! Speak life to someone! God bless, love you all!!

Friday, May 29, 2009


May 29, 2009 Friday
The past two days have been an adventure to say the least. I find out that the publisher I was going with is not the publisher that I will be going with for various reasons. So I find myself in a position that I don’t know what to do. Seems like everyone has an opinion and I don’t know who to trust. Then my mom calls, never know what’s going down, but she simply lays it out there for me. Relax; if it is God then it will work out. No worries. Then Melissa basically tells me the same thing. I also got several texts and messages through the day with the same message. Thanks to all who have listened and responded with great and awesome encouragement.
I am a driven person, which can be great and be terrible. When I set my sights on something, I don’t stop until it is accomplished. If it is the right thing, then awesome, if not then it is terrible. I am learning to slow down and allow God to operate in my behalf. I have a destiny, so if I am going to write about it, I have to walk in mine as well. I know that all things will work out in due time. Not always my time, but in DUE time. I sometimes don’t like due time, but when all is said and done, due time is the best time. So learning to relax and do my part, but at the same time allowing God to do His part. That way I don’t have to re-do it, who has time for that? Thanks again for all your encouragement!! I appreciate and love you guys!!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Stretched out

May 28, 2009 Thursday
Wow! Why in the world did I write about being stretched? I know that what I am writing is what I am going through at that time, at least 90% of the time. I only thought I was being stretched. Stretched was not the word, torn into pieces would be a better description. I am seeing that what I have chosen or been chosen to do as a writer/speaker/coach is far more than I ever expected. I knew I was in for hard work, long hours, and a definite learning experience. That was the first bottom level. I am seeing that I am in way over my head, no more walking on bottom. I am treading water now! However, I also know that it is only when we get in the deep end do we learn to tread water, and then swim; Peter even learned to walk on water. I know that what I am learning now will be with me for a lifetime. I will be able to pass on what I learn to others that are in the same position that I am right now. I might not like the not knowing and the unknown, but that is why they call it faith. I have to trust in the gift that was placed in me before I was ever born. I have to believe that I am doing what I was created to do. God didn’t put us here to be failures and disappointments, but to trust and fulfill our destiny. I refuse to give up, I will learn and I will keep on keeping on!! Thank you all so much for the support you give me, for the notes, for the texts, for the emails. I appreciate them all, even the ones that tell me how they don’t like what I write, I learn from them all. Hope to have some book news before too long, I have the conclusion and introduction to write. Still looking at publishers, that is the hard part. But all in all I am loving it!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


May 27, 2009 Wednesday
Yesterday morning when I was working out I was thinking about after doing all the strength training and the cardio it would be time to go up and stretch. Most of the people that come and train may do some preliminary stretching, just a little before they get on a treadmill or start lifting. I do a little bit before I workout but after my workout is done I spend up to 15 minutes stretching. I go to the upper deck at Northridge Fitness, where there is no one else usually, to do my stretching. Stretching can hurt some, but it is one of those hurts that feels good. It really feels goo after you are done. You see, it doesn’t matter how strong you are, how muscular, how cut, how buff, if you don’t stretch the muscles after doing all that work, you can’t use them. A muscle shortens when it is worked out properly; however, a muscle doesn’t perform what it was intended to do until it is stretched. You have to stretch before you get maximum benefit from your hard work. Those of you that know me know exactly what I am thinking. A person is not able to use their talent/gift, your muscle, until you are stretched. You can work and work until you are big and strong, but until you stretch that muscle you are not going to be able to use it. You will be muscle bound, of no use. Stretch yourself and move right into your destiny. When you are stretched you are able to do wonderful things with your life.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dream on

May 26, 2009 Tuesday
I wanted to touch on dreams at least one more day. From the point of view of don’t ever let anyone steal your dream from you. Don’t let others impose limitations on your dreams. Don’t let others stop you from dreaming big. You have to innate gift to dream and dream big, so don’t let someone else’s lid prevent you from reaching your wildest dreams. You have the ability and the know how to accomplish your dreams. Go back to the dreams you had long ago, when you would lay in bed and dream about your future; your destiny. Those dreams can live if you will give them live. I understand that sometimes we make decisions that destroy our dreams, but dream again. Don’t let past decisions and lost hopes and dreams rob you of your destiny. Don’t let failure and disappointments keep you down and stop you from dreaming. Your dreams can live!!! Your dreams can come to life. Yes they can!!! Free yourself and your mind to dream!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

I Know

May 24, 2009 Sunday
I had wanted to stay on the dream theme, but something occurred yesterday that I can’t get off my mind so I will say it now and get it out, and then maybe I can get back to dreams.
Anyways, I was at the Bama Softball Super Regional game yesterday, thanks for the tickets Coach Murphy, and there were some people talking and one person in particular was doing most of the talking. The thing that stuck out to me was that every time someone said something he would respond, “I know.” It didn’t seem to matter what they were talking about, he already knew it and would go on to tell how much he knew about it. I don’t doubt for a second that he is a very intelligent person, but didn’t show wisdom. The take that I have on it was this, wouldn’t it be just as easy to respond, “That’s right,” when someone make a comment? I mean that puts the credit or the crown on them, it makes them look like they are intelligent; it makes them look good and feel good about themselves. There is nothing wrong with saying “I know,” but be careful of the attitude when you say it. Don’t do it in such a way to belittle the other person. Don’t come across as, “Why are you telling me this? “I already know all that.” Tell them they are right. This makes us feel like we are important too.
I know all this make seem trivial to most, but it was just something that I couldn’t get past. May be that I have come across in an “I know” attitude. Not my intention and I will do my best not to do so, because of all people, I know I don’t know it all by any means.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Destiny Dream

May 23, 2009 Saturday
Now that my schedule has changed I may need to send out the blog message early some days. I know that some get this on their phone as a text message, I don’t want to wake anyone with the message, I know that I have in the past. If me sending this out early is going to cause problems let’s look at another way of you receiving it. My sending it early should not be a reason for you not getting it any longer. We can make it work for you.
I want to thank Ryan Fellman for all he has done for me. He is responsible for much of the success of spreading this blog out across the country. Awesome young man he is!!!
Dreams are the subject we have been talking about. You are seeing my dream reveal itself day after day. I have a dream that my family will be taken care of far beyond what I can do for them. When I say family I mean Melissa, Gloria, my mom, even my in-laws. I dream of being able to take care of them that far exceed our dreams. A few years ago I was told by Troy Miller that I was going to be blessed far beyond my wildest dreams. I can really dream so watch out!!! My dreams rarely are about myself only but about my family and you guys. I want to see each of you reach your destiny and accomplish everything that you dream. I know that if your dream is from God, then there is nothing that can stop you, nor stop me. Just be sure it’s from God, and then move on it. Hold on tight to your dreams is what ELO said. I firmly agree. Let’s dream the dream and live it!!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

My Dream

May 22, 2009 Friday
As you probably know I am in the final stages of writing my first book; Embracing Your Destiny. That is one of my dreams. I have been dreaming about being a writer, speaker, personal development coach for a long time. Now is the time for me to see my dream, speak my dream, believe my dream, and live my dream. I am very excited about this season in my life. I am equally excited that I have the greatest wife, daughter, mom, in-laws, and you guys encouraging me along the way.
I am giving you invitation to send me a note that could go in the book, something about what you think about my writings. It would be in the acknowledgements or the ‘about me” part of the book. Just be sincere, and of course, this would only be for those that like what I have written. Just a few sentences would be great. Thank you for doing this for me. I will have more details about the book in the near future. So far I have 5 complete chapters and I am currently working on the 6th. After that I will do the conclusion and intro. I have changed the name for now to Embracing Your Destiny. The publishing company will have the say so on that. Thanks again for all your support, you guys are so awesome!! I love each of you very much! Go ahead and send me your notes and comments so that I can get them to the publisher.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


May 21, 2009 Thursday
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr gave the greatest speech I have ever heard. His “I Have a Dream” speech is awesome. The fact that he had a dream, expressed his dream, and went after his dream is the truly amazing part. Let me ask you, “Do you have a dream”? I do! I have a dream of writing, of helping people reach their destiny, of helping people with personal development of adding value to people. Those are the things that I dream. If you have a dream are you willing to express it? I do so everyday, I make my dream public so that I am accountable and so that I can remain focused on it. If you have a dream and you voice it, are you going after your dream? I am actively pursuing my dream. My decision to start writing, speaking, and doing personal/leadership development coaching is pursuing my dream full time with all that I have within me. Be a dreamer!! Voice your dream!! Go after your dream!!
If you know anyone who would like to read this each day, invite them join the group page. It is an open group. If they are not on facebook, I can email it to them as well; all they need to do is send me their email address.
If you are on Twitter you can add me if you want, scottwimberly is my user name.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

One Thing

May 20, 2009 Wednesday
I have been thinking a lot here lately about gifts/talents, those things that we are good at. I see people that seem to have so many talents, so many gifts. Then there is me, folk with one gift or talent. In the movie City Slickers, there is a scene with Billy Crystal and Jack Palance, they are talking about life and such, Palance tells Crystal to just concentrate on one thing, Crystal asks Palance what that is, and Palance tells him that is up to him to determine. I really, really like that scene. It reminds us to concentrate on the one thing that we were placed here to do. Don’t lose focus on trying to do too many things. We are only capable of focusing on one thing at a time and still be effective. When we add things we start to break down and are not very efficient. Find that one that thing, that one thing that you are good at, that you were created to do. Find the one thing that you are good at, you are passionate about and you live to do. What is that one thing in your life?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


May 19, 2009 Tuesday
Pressure! How do you react when you are put under pressure? Some people say they do better under pressure than when they aren’t. I think most of us do better under a little pressure, but when things are added we don’t do as well. Some of us just shut down when the pressure is on. There are very few that I see that really do better when under pressure. When the heat is on how do you perform? I would like to believe that I do better under pressure and then when things are added that I still react efficiently. I try to stay on an even kiln, meaning I don’t go to pieces when put under sudden pressure or on a deadline. When something happens all of a sudden how do you handle it? I would like to think that I handle it well. With changes taking place this week I hope that I do handle it well. How do we handle pressure? How do we handle sudden changes in our lives? How stable are we? How mental tough are we? How grounded are we? All of these are questions that are being answered everyday by how we handle life.

Monday, May 18, 2009


Monday 18, 2009 Monday
Ok, here we go, last week of school here at OD. We have today and tomorrow, then half days Wednesday and Thursday. I have no finals so I am technically done after Tuesday. However, I have to hangout til Thursday and then my tenure here at Open Door will be over. It’s been fun and a good experience, but I have to move on now.
My purpose in life requires that from time to time I have to make these kinds of changes. We all have purpose, however, some of us get too comfortable where we are and don’t want to change. Comfort Zone can be detrimental to purpose and change. You have to be willing to make the necessary changes if you are going to fulfill your purpose. Growth can only take place if you make room to grow. I am not saying to change for the sake of change, but change for the sake of growth and purpose.
So it has come time for me to make some room for growth toward my purpose in life. It is time for some of you to do the same. See you in route to destiny!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Finding Nemo

May 17, 2009 Sunday
I think I have been watching the Finding Nemo marathon. Every time this weekend that I have seen the TV, Nemo was on. Gloria loves Nemo, especially the Starfish when he says, “EBay.”
Anyways, during one of the scenes, Nemo and others, are caught in a net and are being hoisted up by a block and tackle onto the boat. But Nemo’s dad begins to encourage the fish to swim downward. As the fish slowly begin to hear him and then listen to him, against all odds they begin to respond. He encourages them not to give up, not to quit, but keep trying, to keep swimming. As the fish begin to swim, at first reluctantly, but now with more energy, the net begins to stops ascending and begins to lower, the block and tackle give way under the strain and the fish are free. All because they kept swimming and wouldn’t give up, even when it looked like all hope was gone.
If Nemo and his friends can beat the odds, then so can we. So keep swimming and don’t give up no matter if the odds are against you or not!! I love that Nemo…

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Push, Pull, or Drag

May 16, 2009 Saturday
I can’t seem to get away from the excellence vein that we were talking about the other day. I really desire to have excellence in my life. The only way to have excellence is to be around excellence. I try to put myself in the company of people that show excellence in their lives. We seem to conform to our environment. If you are around excellent people you too will become excellent or you won’t stay around them. I find myself being drawn to people of excellence. This pushes, drags, pulls, and leads me to be more excellent as well.
I am seeing the having excellence is a full time project. Doing things right the first time around is the best way. It takes more time on the front end but saves you time on the back end, because you are not having to go back and re-do it. I want to be pushed and disciplined in these areas of my life. I am at a point now to where I want the best for my family and myself. Didn’t say I want the most expensive, but I want the best, for us, but ask anyone I demand that we give our best too in everything we do. I can’t expect the best if I am not giving my best. That would not be integrity or excellence.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Don't take it for granted

May 15, 2009 Friday
What!? Did someone say it is Friday?!! Finally Friday… These last few days of school went slow when I was a student and they still do as a teacher. I do want to enjoy my last few days as a teacher here at Open Door though. It has been an awesome experience here the past three years. I will never forget the feeling of those first few days three years ago when I came here. I was very unsure of how it would go and I never imagined it would be as great as it has been. I will never forget my time here and the memories I have locked away.
Never take for granted where you are right now. You may be there for a long time or for a short season, just as I was here. However, always learn from those around you and be sure to give back to them as well. Just as you receive from others, be sure that you are giving to others too. We are never in a place where we can’t learn, sometimes we simply choose not too. Learn so that you can teach too. I have been in places where I was miserable, but I learned from the experience. Never stop learning. For when you stop learning you stop living!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Getting Smarter

May 14, 2009 Thursday
This week is over half over now. It seems like the clock was running backwards a few times yesterday. I don’t want to wish my life away, but I am so ready for next Friday to get here.
I am so amazed at how smart my students seem to be. I was listening to some of them talk yesterday and how they knew everything there is to know about life and college, stuff like that. I am sure that I was the same way when I was in the 10th grade. I remember that when I was 14-16 years old at how dumb my parents were. I was couldn’t believe how stupid they seemed to be. However, I must have been an excellent teacher, because by the time I was 20 they were two of the smartest people I knew. The things they were now telling me were dead on. As I have gotten older, I now see how smart my mom is, I taught her so well. I think now, if I had listened more when I was 14 or so, how much smarter in the ways of life would I be now.
Well, I don’t know exactly what the point is today, other than; I see how dumb I was when I was 14-15 years old. But nothing I can do about that now, except listen more and learn from those around me. I have learned that I learn better when my mouth is shut and my ears are open.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


May 13, 2009 Wednesday
School is so close to being over, so why am I finding it hard to be motivated. Usually motivation comes easy for me. I am a self starter, don’t need coaching up; I am usually ready to go, ready to get started, ready to get the job done. However, today is not one of those days. It goes to show that you have to be ready in all situations, no matter what your strengths.
It is during times like this that I really have to watch my actions toward other people. When we are dealing with someone, tired, not feeling well, un-motivated; we tend to take it out on others. Usually the ones that get hit are the innocent by-standers that meant no harm. It is during this time that we really need to watch our actions. Take extra precaution before you say something or do something; make sure it is the right thing to do or say. Because once it is said or done there is no taking it back. I make no excuses when I mess up, only that it is my fault and I apologize; and make every effort to see that it does not happen again. Don’t brag about how you go off on people and leave a wake of devastation behind you. That is nothing to brag about, but that is stuff we should feel ashamed of. Come on, anyone can do that, it takes a stronger person to stand quiet and stand strong; doing what is right no matter how we feel or what the situation.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


May 12, 2009 Tuesday
I have been writing about excellence in chapter 5 of my book project and then yesterday morning I listen to some stuff by Bo Schembechler about excellence. I thought I was a person of impeccable excellence. I thought I was… I am seeing how little excellence I do have, along with most everyone else.
The things that still trip me up are the little things in life. Being neat, proper, courteous, polite, things like that. Be on time, which to my grandfather meant being 5 minutes early. Tucking in your shirt tale; that is hard for me, being casual doesn’t mean being sloppy. Sitting up straight and not slouching, paying attention. Those are things I guess I have been taking for granted. You can be relaxed and laid back, but at the same time not be sloppy and messy. I think I just need to work on the little things that add up to the big things of being excellent in all that I do. Being a person of destiny requires us to be people of excellence. So to me it is well worth the price to be excellent.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Loving every minute of it

May 11, 2009 Monday
I had a great Mother’s Day with Melissa and Gloria. I hope that all you mother’s had a great day.
When you are doing what you love doing everyday you will never work another day in your life. Even the days that you work hard will not even be like working. When you love what you do; you would even be willing to do it for nothing, then you are where you should be. However, rarely do we get in this place. People work and work and never enjoy what they do, because it was not what they were created to do. Use the talent/gift that you have and enjoy what you do. Your life will never be the same again. You won’t have to dread Monday’s ever again. When what you do and who you are, are the same thing, you have reached a point in your destiny that most don’t reach. It is attainable; don’t think you can’t be one of these people, because you can be.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Where am I

May 10, 2009 Sunday Happy Mother's Day!!
Well, I am back in Tuscaloosa now, looking forward to going back to Jackson this summer. I want a samich from Kellie’s deli; I heard they were the best in town. Have to find out for myself.
While I was walking around McKee drive yesterday morning, soaking in the humidity, I was thinking about doing what you love to do. Many people go through life hating what they do; by that I mean their life, their job, their location, things about them. Why would we spend our lives being miserable? We are where we are due to the decisions and choices we have made during our lives. However, isn’t having peace and joy more important that other stuff? You can all the stuff you can think of and not have peace and joy. If that is your case, I can only imagine how unhappy and miserable you are at times. Stuff is ok to have, but to me happiness, joy, peace, content; the satisfaction that I am doing what I love to do most; what I was created to do, is more important that anything.
It’s good to take inventory of your life from time to time and make sure you are where you should be and doing what you should be doing. Not just surviving, but living! If you are not where you want to be in life, then it’s time to make some changes in yourself, not others, but yourself. Life is too short and for that matter too long not to be living your destiny!

Saturday, May 9, 2009


May 9, 2009 Saturday
I had a great time in Jackson Friday. Was able to see one of my best friends I have ever had; John and I go way back. Spent some time with Pastor R and Mrs. B too. Best of all was getting to visit with my mama though! Also got some awesome seafood from Mater’s; a really cool place to eat. Ready to head by to Tuscaloosa today though, be back down soon though.
I am seeing the older that I get how cluttered people can be, myself included. I am a self-proclaimed packrat. But I am also seeing now that it is better to de-clutter your life, both in physically and mentally.
We hang on to stuff thinking that one day we will need this and if and when we need it we can’t even find it. So what’s the purpose of hanging on to stuff we are never going to use? Get rid of the clutter in your life. That doesn’t mean your spouse by the way. But clean out “the room” that we all have in our house and de-clutter your life.
Most of all de-clutter your mind. We really hold on to stuff in our mind that does us no good at all. The stuff that I am referring to is the stuff that is cluttering our minds and is causing us so much regret and pain. Let go of the clutter that is slowing you down mentally. The clutter of worry, regret, anger, unforgiveness, bitterness, missed opportunities. Those are things that you can’t do anything about, except let them go and move forward with your life. Let it go! It is time to de-clutter our lives and take a step up to a new level of destiny in our lives.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Truth to truth

May 8, 2009 Friday
I will be in Jackson today and some of tomorrow. I am excited about getting to go home for a little while. It is always good to get to see my mom, family, and good friends. But then it is good to get to come back to Tuscaloosa.
We have been talking about truth; I have gotten some very good comments from you about truth too. Many have made mention that the real Truth is Jesus, and you are correct, but He also gave us other truth’s that we have to know. Notice that one is capital letter T and the other is lower case t. There are truths that we need to recognize during our lives that will enable us to reach our destiny. But in our search for truth don’t fail to recognize that the Truth is the way to truth.
Most of the time the truth was right before our eyes the whole time, but we either refused to recognize it or we were looking so hard we couldn’t see the forest for the trees. Either way we miss out on awesome truths if we aren’t careful. So let’s take the time to take a truth inventory of our life and see what we are missing. If you can’t seem to find the truth you are looking for; together we can find it.
Remember that in June I am giving you the opportunity to ask questions that you might have. Some have already started and that is fine. But if you have anything you want to ask me go ahead and we will set aside some time next month to answer them.
Don’t forget Sunday is Mother’s Day!!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


May 7, 2009 Thursday
This is a very busy time of year if you are involved in school in any way. The seniors are getting ready to graduate, the other kids just wanting to get out for the summer. I am ready to finish the year and move into another area of my destiny. I do want to encourage you to look at this graduation time of year for yourself too. Think of it as a time of year for you to graduate and move into another level of your destiny. We have a time to learn, as in school, but there comes a time when we are to move up. Don’t stay in the same grade year after year after year. It is time to learn what you are supposed to learn and take that walk across the stage. Move up to the next grade of your destiny.
We are not all on the same level and that’s fine, don’t compare yourself to everyone around you. Compare yourself to where you should be and where you are going; then make the necessary adjustments in your growth pattern to get there. It is an exciting time of the year for seniors, make it an exciting time of the year for you as well!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Truth hurts

May 6, 2009 Wednesday
I want to stay with the truth topic today too. I always want to know the truth. There are times when it really hurts, or makes me have to change. I might not always like it, but I want to know it. The truth hurts is a very accurate phrase. What about you; do you like to know the truth about yourself or had you rather believe a lie? I used to say, if I don’t know it then I am not responsible for it. But I am finding that even some things I don’t know I am still responsible for, because the information was there, but I chose to ignore it or not believe it.
The truth will set you free, is also a correct phrase. Freedom will come to those that know the truth. There is no doubt when you have the truth, because truth doesn’t change on you. However, truth will change you. I had rather be changed by the truth than stay the same because of a lie. So truth is true all the time. I love the truth, even when it hurts me. The reason is hurts is because it makes me change.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Truth is True

May 5, 2009 Tuesday
I have found out that truth is truth and it’s true. No matter what the situation; truth is always true. Sometimes in life we have a truth moment. That’s when we realize something for the first time. We get that revelation of truth. And from that moment on, we know that particular piece of information is the truth no matter what.
Often times though we don’t want to know the truth. We try to stay in the dark regarding the subject. Not wanting to know the truth doesn’t mean it isn’t true though. It is true whether we like it or not. It’s like when we have been in a dark room and go outside in the bright sunlight. We can’t see for a few seconds until our eyes get adjusted to the light. However, once adjusted we can see clearly; that is truth. Some though, turn and run back inside and stay in the dark, not wanting to face the truth. They will never accept that fact that they are in the dark. However, truth is truth, no matter what we do.
I like knowing the truth, even if I don’t like the truth that I know. At least I know it is true and I can stand on it no matter what happens.
Today, step out into the light and adjust your life according to the truth! The truth will never fail you.

Monday, May 4, 2009


May 4, 2009 Monday
I was looking at the members of the facebook group, the email recipients, those that follow the blog; in other words, all those that are receiving this each day. One thing that jumped out at me was the diversity of the people. There is a wide range of people that get this each day. I see saved folk, unsaved folk, black folk, white folk, country folk, city folk, male folk, female folk, younger folk, older folk, inside folk, outside folk, school folk, working folk, retired folk, War Eagle folk, Roll Tide folk, even some USM folk. I saw hunters, fisherman, chefs, moms, dads, grandparents, beach lovers, mountain lovers, water skiers, and snow boarders. I saw all sorts of folk.
The one thing that I want to be sure and get across to each of is this; I care about each and every one of you. I care about each group of people that read this blog. I try to be fair and just to each of you. I know that everyone is not going to like what I write, but that’s fine. The main thing is that you know how much I do care about and love each of you. You are all very special to me. I love the diversity of the group and welcome your input. Thanks again for everything!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009


May 3, 2009 Sunday
I had the experience of my first full-scale garage sale yesterday. It was quite an experience. I give all the credit for the success of the sale to my wife, Melissa, she did a great job.
There were a lot of people walking around the neighborhood all morning looking for bargains. Some knew exactly what they were looking for, while others were just walking around looking for something, something that they didn’t know what was at the time. I see this in people in regular day-to-day life. Just walking around looking for something out of life, not sure what, but something. At the same time there are others that know exactly what they need and are in search of it with intent.
The question is; which one are you? Do you know what you are looking for in life or are you just walking around aimlessly? Do you have direction or just guessing which way to go? How will you know when you find whatever it is you are looking for if you don’t know what it is? Take time to know WHO you are. Take time to discover your destiny, your purpose, your calling if you will. Find yourself and then you will know what it is you are searching for in life. You will know what your destiny is when you discover who you are.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Yes you can

May 2, 2009 Saturday

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that one person can’t make a difference. Don’t ever fool yourself into thinking that you can’t make a difference. Yes you can!!! One person, that person being you, can most diffidently make a difference in the world. Don’t ever think that you aren’t good enough, significant enough, smart enough, or important enough, to make a difference in the world around you. You are good enough, significant enough, smart enough, and important enough to impact the world. The size of your impact is up to you. Your name may not be in the papers or on the news or even on the internet. You may not be known by millions, but that does not mean you can’t make a difference. You may question how you would make a difference. That is up to you. If you release the God-given, world changing gift/talent that is inside you to its fullest then the difference you make is unlimited.

It may seem like a small thing at the time, but in time the changes that occur from what you are about can be enormous. Don’t let anything or anyone, especially yourself, get in your way and stop you. Do listen to wise counsel, enlist the guidance of a mentor, but don’t let the doubters and underachievers around you stop you. Choose your friends well, because they will determine much about you and your destiny!!