Tuesday, May 12, 2009


May 12, 2009 Tuesday
I have been writing about excellence in chapter 5 of my book project and then yesterday morning I listen to some stuff by Bo Schembechler about excellence. I thought I was a person of impeccable excellence. I thought I was… I am seeing how little excellence I do have, along with most everyone else.
The things that still trip me up are the little things in life. Being neat, proper, courteous, polite, things like that. Be on time, which to my grandfather meant being 5 minutes early. Tucking in your shirt tale; that is hard for me, being casual doesn’t mean being sloppy. Sitting up straight and not slouching, paying attention. Those are things I guess I have been taking for granted. You can be relaxed and laid back, but at the same time not be sloppy and messy. I think I just need to work on the little things that add up to the big things of being excellent in all that I do. Being a person of destiny requires us to be people of excellence. So to me it is well worth the price to be excellent.

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