Thursday, May 28, 2009

Stretched out

May 28, 2009 Thursday
Wow! Why in the world did I write about being stretched? I know that what I am writing is what I am going through at that time, at least 90% of the time. I only thought I was being stretched. Stretched was not the word, torn into pieces would be a better description. I am seeing that what I have chosen or been chosen to do as a writer/speaker/coach is far more than I ever expected. I knew I was in for hard work, long hours, and a definite learning experience. That was the first bottom level. I am seeing that I am in way over my head, no more walking on bottom. I am treading water now! However, I also know that it is only when we get in the deep end do we learn to tread water, and then swim; Peter even learned to walk on water. I know that what I am learning now will be with me for a lifetime. I will be able to pass on what I learn to others that are in the same position that I am right now. I might not like the not knowing and the unknown, but that is why they call it faith. I have to trust in the gift that was placed in me before I was ever born. I have to believe that I am doing what I was created to do. God didn’t put us here to be failures and disappointments, but to trust and fulfill our destiny. I refuse to give up, I will learn and I will keep on keeping on!! Thank you all so much for the support you give me, for the notes, for the texts, for the emails. I appreciate them all, even the ones that tell me how they don’t like what I write, I learn from them all. Hope to have some book news before too long, I have the conclusion and introduction to write. Still looking at publishers, that is the hard part. But all in all I am loving it!!!

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