Monday, May 18, 2009


Monday 18, 2009 Monday
Ok, here we go, last week of school here at OD. We have today and tomorrow, then half days Wednesday and Thursday. I have no finals so I am technically done after Tuesday. However, I have to hangout til Thursday and then my tenure here at Open Door will be over. It’s been fun and a good experience, but I have to move on now.
My purpose in life requires that from time to time I have to make these kinds of changes. We all have purpose, however, some of us get too comfortable where we are and don’t want to change. Comfort Zone can be detrimental to purpose and change. You have to be willing to make the necessary changes if you are going to fulfill your purpose. Growth can only take place if you make room to grow. I am not saying to change for the sake of change, but change for the sake of growth and purpose.
So it has come time for me to make some room for growth toward my purpose in life. It is time for some of you to do the same. See you in route to destiny!

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