Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Truth hurts

May 6, 2009 Wednesday
I want to stay with the truth topic today too. I always want to know the truth. There are times when it really hurts, or makes me have to change. I might not always like it, but I want to know it. The truth hurts is a very accurate phrase. What about you; do you like to know the truth about yourself or had you rather believe a lie? I used to say, if I don’t know it then I am not responsible for it. But I am finding that even some things I don’t know I am still responsible for, because the information was there, but I chose to ignore it or not believe it.
The truth will set you free, is also a correct phrase. Freedom will come to those that know the truth. There is no doubt when you have the truth, because truth doesn’t change on you. However, truth will change you. I had rather be changed by the truth than stay the same because of a lie. So truth is true all the time. I love the truth, even when it hurts me. The reason is hurts is because it makes me change.

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