Friday, May 22, 2009

My Dream

May 22, 2009 Friday
As you probably know I am in the final stages of writing my first book; Embracing Your Destiny. That is one of my dreams. I have been dreaming about being a writer, speaker, personal development coach for a long time. Now is the time for me to see my dream, speak my dream, believe my dream, and live my dream. I am very excited about this season in my life. I am equally excited that I have the greatest wife, daughter, mom, in-laws, and you guys encouraging me along the way.
I am giving you invitation to send me a note that could go in the book, something about what you think about my writings. It would be in the acknowledgements or the ‘about me” part of the book. Just be sincere, and of course, this would only be for those that like what I have written. Just a few sentences would be great. Thank you for doing this for me. I will have more details about the book in the near future. So far I have 5 complete chapters and I am currently working on the 6th. After that I will do the conclusion and intro. I have changed the name for now to Embracing Your Destiny. The publishing company will have the say so on that. Thanks again for all your support, you guys are so awesome!! I love each of you very much! Go ahead and send me your notes and comments so that I can get them to the publisher.

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  1. Scott,

    First, thanks for looking in and sharing a bit of yourself on Twitter. Naturally, I go exploring when I get new "Twitter friends" who intrigue me and you so! I've read some of your writing and it is very good, you have an insight combined with passion and empathy only people in their middle years and beyond seem capable of developing. I wish you well with your book and look forward to reading more, understanding more of the mind of Scott Wimberly!

    John Zajaros