Saturday, May 9, 2009


May 9, 2009 Saturday
I had a great time in Jackson Friday. Was able to see one of my best friends I have ever had; John and I go way back. Spent some time with Pastor R and Mrs. B too. Best of all was getting to visit with my mama though! Also got some awesome seafood from Mater’s; a really cool place to eat. Ready to head by to Tuscaloosa today though, be back down soon though.
I am seeing the older that I get how cluttered people can be, myself included. I am a self-proclaimed packrat. But I am also seeing now that it is better to de-clutter your life, both in physically and mentally.
We hang on to stuff thinking that one day we will need this and if and when we need it we can’t even find it. So what’s the purpose of hanging on to stuff we are never going to use? Get rid of the clutter in your life. That doesn’t mean your spouse by the way. But clean out “the room” that we all have in our house and de-clutter your life.
Most of all de-clutter your mind. We really hold on to stuff in our mind that does us no good at all. The stuff that I am referring to is the stuff that is cluttering our minds and is causing us so much regret and pain. Let go of the clutter that is slowing you down mentally. The clutter of worry, regret, anger, unforgiveness, bitterness, missed opportunities. Those are things that you can’t do anything about, except let them go and move forward with your life. Let it go! It is time to de-clutter our lives and take a step up to a new level of destiny in our lives.

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