Thursday, July 2, 2009

What a place

July 2, 2009 Thursday
One thing I have been searching for is to be released to do what I do best. I have worked for various groups and organizations, but was never released to do what I really could do better than anyone. The key is that they didn’t know what I could do best. That is mainly an error on my part. The point is; release those with you, including yourself, to accomplish what they do best. Start with yourself; what are so good at? What is your passion? What do you do better than anyone? What were you put here to do? When you are doing that one thing, you are in the zone. Work places that do this have the highest retention of workers. They release people in their zone. Work in your strength area. If you find that you are constantly aggravated and frustrated at what you are doing, then it may be you are doing the wrong thing. Get in the zone! Find your niche and stay with it. There is no greater place to be.

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