Monday, July 27, 2009


July 27, 2009 Monday
I have been thinking about this “networking” thing. Networking for the sake of it, not trying to build relationships, to me is not right. I am trying to get you to do something for me and acting like I am your friend; that’s not me. To me that is just using people. So when I was told I had to network, I didn’t know what I had to do. Now I know and it’s simple. Build relationships to me is networking. Whether you do anytime, like buy my books or read my blogs, is not the important thing here. Establishing of the relationship to me is the most important thing. It’s not what you can do for me or what can I get out of it, but what can I do for you, what can I have to offer you in the relationship. There are all sorts of relationships and different levels of relationships. I am learning, slowly but surely I am learning.

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