Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Celebrate Others

July 15, 2009 Wednesday
Back when I was in Jackson I can remember that this week was a week of celebration. The whole week something would be done to celebrate today, the birthday of Pastor E. C. Russell. We would have a ball all week long. We would celebrate together.
When you have relationships you love to celebrate with the other person. It’s about them, not about us. In the case mentioned it was fun for everybody. However, sometimes we have to be the giver. We tend to base relationships on what the other person can do for me. I am finding out that it is not necessarily that way. I often hear “Well, they did this or they did that to me and I am going to do this or take to them.” Relationship is not about retaliation but about giving of yourself to others. There are boundaries and parameters of course, but it is not what can I get, but what can I give. There is a balance, so be careful that we don’t get too out of balance. Like I mentioned yesterday, I have to watch that I am not trying to fix or repair everyone, but just give of myself.

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