Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Easy living

July 7, 2009 Tuesday
When you find out that life doesn’t fight fair, but you resist the desire to give up and quit, that when life really begins. During this time of my life, I am finding that I am truly living. So many times I hear people at the end of their lives saying, I wish I had, I should have, I could have, I wanted to; but I never did. That is not life in my thoughts. I don’t think that life is just having a good time, only living for vacation and the weekends. It is in fact fulfilling your life’s plan. Then even hard work is a vacation. You don’t dread Monday’s, you love what you do.
Taking what life dishes out to us is necessary, but it’s what we do with what it dishes out. How do you look at it? Are we victims or victors? Don’t give up! Don’t quit! You can be victorious in life. You have what it takes. We just have to use what we have inside us.

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