Saturday, July 11, 2009

today determines tomorrow

July 11, 2009 Saturday
When we are making our decisions that determine our destination, we have to realize that what we do today determines where we are tomorrow. What is written today will be read tomorrow is one of my motto’s. Most of the time with this blog, what you are reading today was yesterday. The same is true in life; the decisions you make today will determine your direction tomorrow. It is so hard for us to understand this when we are young. Sometimes I still have problems with it, must mean I am still young, huh?
Anyhow, remember that what you are doing right now today, whether anyone knows about it or not, will determine your tomorrow. It may not always be in 24 hour increments, but there is escaping it. I live by the silver rule; you will reap and reap more than you sow. Another way of saying it is; what goes around comes around. So make sure you are making wise, smart, intelligent decisions today because the results of them will come see you tomorrow.

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