Thursday, July 30, 2009

Value of trust

July 30, 2009 Thursday
I can’t seem to get this trust thing out of my mind. Maybe I am still dealing with some trust issues and didn’t realize it. I have really looking at relationships that I have new and old; mainly at the level of trust in each of them. We are all on different trust levels in different relationships. I know that we all have some issues with trust, but even the worse issues can be worked through. Not having trust can prove to be a lonely place. But be encouraged there are still people that are trustworthy, probably more than you think. Start looking for folk to build trust in today. They are all around. Of course, there will be those that aren’t as trustworthy as others. But I am seeing the way to build trust is to be trustworthy and to put trust in others. When we give our trust to someone it will build trust in them many times. To be so important and vital; trust; there seems to be so little of it around. I guess that’s why it is so valuable and precious.

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