Wednesday, July 8, 2009

do the impossible

July 8, 2009 Wednesday
We have been talking about when life is unfair, how to respond. We respond by not giving up, but keep on driving forward. You have what it takes to accomplish your goals; that is, if you have set goals. Just surviving today so that you can do it all again tomorrow is not a goal. Although, I too, have been in that same exact place; it’s no way to live. Set your goals for your life and go after them.
If your life is boring or has no direction, then set some direction to your life. Know where you are heading. Know how you plan on getting there. Don’t let others just pass you by in life. Not that it is a race or competition, but make the most of the life that God has given you. Stretch yourself, do something that is impossible for you to do. If you can do everything you do then you aren’t trying enough. You have to go beyond you. God has you here for a specific reason; find that reason and go do it!

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