Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Trust Level

July 28, 2009 Tuesday
I am guessing that one of the main reasons we don’t establish relationships is a lack of trust. This is not always the case, but when we make up our mind not to have a relationship with someone it seems to be because we don’t trust that person. In time that may change and we build a friendship, but if we don’t trust then we will never have relationship. The only way someone is going to trust us is if we are trustworthy. If we have personal agendas and are only looking out for ourselves then we are not trustworthy. We our goal or objective is to see what we can get out of the relationship then we are not trustworthy. Trust is build on being worthy of that trust. Trust once lost is very hard to regain, I know that lesson all too well. But I am doing my best to rebuild trust in people that I have lost trust in and with people that have lost trust in me. It’s hard to do on both sides, but it is a building project that is well worth the effort put in to it.

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