Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dent and Ding

July 14, 2009 Tuesday
Most of us have been involved in a car wreck or know someone that has been in one. I have had a few, nothing too serious, but I always attempted to get my vehicle fixed after it had wreck. Even if we get a dent or a ding in our truck or car we go and get it repaired. The thing that hit me this morning was this; when I get a ding or a dent in a relationship I just let it go. I am more interested in getting my car fixed than I am getting relationship repaired. When there is a relationship wreck no matter how small or large, how quick do we try to repair it?
One of my major mistakes is that I am a fixer. I think that I need to fix things when they aren’t broken, which in turn usually breaks them. When I talk to people, it’s not always about fixing or repairing them. I have got to change my outlook on relationships and learn from people. I know that everybody I talk to can teach me something. I know I have some apologizing to do to people that I have had to attitude of “I need to repair you” when that was not the case. So let’s check our relationships and see what shape they are in and make the necessary changes, but be careful at how we go about it.

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