Sunday, July 26, 2009

Full Circle

July 26, 2009 Sunday
I am still learning from this past week’s trip to Jackson. No matter what we do in life when it comes right down to it; it’s all about relationships. It seems like everything I do comes full circle back to relationships. There are some old relationships that may need to be brought back to the forefront and then there are new ones that need to be established. However, I also see that the key elements to any relationship new or old remain the same. Care to guess? They are trust and forgiveness. Without these two key ingredients there can be no relationship. Both have to be worked at all the time. Trust doesn’t come easy; lose that trust and it’s almost impossible to regain. Forgiveness is the same, it seems so hard to forgive, but we ask for it so readily. Forgiveness and trust do go hand in hand; just like grace and mercy. It’s like grace and trust are close while mercy and forgiveness are close.

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