Thursday, July 9, 2009


July 9, 2009 Thursday
I have a book, as many of you know, at the editor now; Embrace Your Destiny. I haven’t look at it for a month or so now. I have been putting together another project. But the past couple of days I have been thinking back about destiny and how to reach it. If we were in church I would call it Decisions = Direction = Destiny. If we were in church…
I have heard many times that the world is full of good intentions. I have found that this is true. Many of us intent to do great things, we have dreams; we have goals, but never make the decision to do it. The point of it is, our decisions will determine our direction which in turn determines our destiny. We can have great intentions but if we never make the decision to act on the intention and put it in action we will never have direction. We will just sit still or go around in circles. So step one is to make the decisions necessary to get our direction. If we want to get from Tuscaloosa to Orange Beach, then we need to make the decision to go and then head south. If we get on the road heading north we aren’t going to be sunning at Orange Beach eating at Lulu’s.
Make the decision then get your direction. Decisions then Direction then Destiny.

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