Monday, June 1, 2009


June 1, 2009 Monday
We had a great, although brief stay in Jackson. I was able to spend some good time with mama. Also, Gloria and I were given the royal tour of the Athletic facilities at Jackson High School by Landon Hilt. Very impressive, JHS has come a long way and looking really good. Landon is an awesome man; I swear he knows more people than anyone I have ever met. What a guy, a lot of the people that are reading this right now are because he invited you. I can’t enough good stuff about Landon Hilt, what a guy!!
Today is my daughter’s birthday 6 years old. She is the greatest gift God ever gave me, her and Melissa; a package deal. First Melissa and then Gloria, I don’t deserve it!
On our way to Gulf Shores today, we will get to stay until Thursday. There is nothing like some good family time at the beach. I never want to take my family for granted. They are my support, so very important to me. Make sure that you never take those in the house with you for granted; it is easy to do if you aren’t careful. Take a few minutes today and make sure you give your family some love. Family, although they may drive you bananas are your heart and soul.

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