Friday, June 5, 2009

Beach Week

June 5, Friday
Well, our Birthday Week ’09 Beach Trip is over. It’s good to be home though, but we had a blast at the beach!! The only thing I don’t like about the beach is the sand, I can’t stand sand, but that’s all part of it I suppose. We will be back down there before too long I am sure of it.
The publisher sent me the editorial reviews for my book about destiny. They really liked it, didn’t want me to change anything, just to add some stuff. The stuff I need to do is not hard at all. So now we begin the editing of the book, I am excited about it. I will give you updates as I get them. Still not sure what the title of the book will be.
You all can help in the promotion of the book if you want to. You just tell people about it; you can invite people to this group page; this page is right in line with the book. If you read this, and like it, then you will like the book. So invite others to join the page and the book will get promoted. Some are already doing just that and I thank you!!
I do want to hear your thoughts, many send me stuff each day, don’t stop, but if you are thinking about it, then go ahead and tell me what you think. I do want to hear from you.
I love and appreciate you guys very much!! I am very thankful for you. Each one of you brings something different to the table. You each have a special gift or talent and you need to be using it. If you aren’t sure what that gift or talent is, then we need to determine it. Don’t doubt that you are gifted or talented, because you are. Age doesn’t disqualify you, nor do past mistakes, not even mistakes made yesterday. Don’t count yourself out; you are not out of the game. Let’s get you operating in your gift/talent today!!!

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