Monday, June 8, 2009

Fair or Foul

June 8, 2009 Monday
Vacation over and back from the beach, birthday week behind us, back to work for all, and Gloria at Summer Camp. I am now getting really busy on the book again. I have gotten the editorial review back from the publisher and now making the improvements.
I was watching something, college baseball I think, and there was a line drive down the right field line; the only question was fair or foul. The umpire ruled foul; the place went nuts. He had ruled against the home team in a sense. However, replay proved he was right. However, there were several angles shown on TV, each one different. It was the same line drive, but each angle or perspective was different. Not different by a whole lot but yet different.
I was reminded that some time back we had talked about perspective. How the same event can have so many different angles. When there is a divorce or law case there are so many different angles, many different perspectives. The angle or perspective that we have is probably not the same as the person sitting next to you. Not to say one is right and one is wrong, but different. Let’s be considerate of other people’s perspective, they see things differently because of their past and where they are now. Just like the people at that game, all the seats offered a little different angle. Always remember, we don’t know all the facts, there are some things we don’t know or see about a situation. Be careful how you voice your perspective.

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