Monday, June 29, 2009

Believe in hope

June 29, 2009 Monday
You ever just feel like no matter what you do or what you say it’s just wrong, I am disastrous wrong. The more you try to do and say the right things; it never turns out the way you intended for it too. You try to comfort someone and make things worse, you try to encourage someone and make them feel worse. Maybe I am the only one that has that gift of offense. But you know what? Even when those things happen we still have to believe in ourselves and stand in hope. Never lose hope in yourself. When things just never seem to go right; believe in hope. When the money is short, the weather is not right, your spouse or bf or gf of kids of parents seem to on your case; believe in hope. When your boss or teacher or neighbor is getting in your grill; don’t lose hope. When nothing at all seems to be going your way; believe in hope.
There have been dozens of times that all I had to believe in was hope. But that was more than enough. Hope is not wishing, but when you believe and you know things will turn around. Don’t ever give up on hope. Hope will be your best friend!!

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