Saturday, June 27, 2009


June 27, 2009 Saturday
With the feeling of hoplessness that we talked about yesterday can also come the feeling of failure. When you don’t have hope you will feel like a failure. Another reason not to allow hopelessness to enter into your mind. The only person that is a failure is one that quits and gives up. I have battled the sense of failure for most of my life. There are times when something will happen in my life that opens the door to that feeling of being a failure. It is a fight but one that we must win. Do not allow the sense of being a failure to take control of your mind. You are not a failure just as I am not. You would not be reading this each day if you were a failure. Keep on trying, learn from your mistakes and move forward. Don’t stay down, keep getting back up.
If you have friends that would like to get this please feel free to invite them to join, it is an open group. Thank you for taking time to read this each day. I appreciate each of you very much.

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