Tuesday, June 23, 2009

No matter what

June 23, 2009 Tuesday
During times of lose, such as death, we sometimes examine our own lives and what we are leaving behind. I wrote yesterday about humility. But what is humility exactly? The best definition that I have heard is it is not thinking less of yourself but thinking of yourself less. We have to realize that everything is not about us, but their are others in the world. When we hold on to every little and in some cases big thing that people have done to us, we get more and more self absorbed and go into protection mode. Humility is saying even though I have been hurt I will still give of myself. It says, even though you have hurt me I will still give myself to you, I will still serve you with my gift/talent. Humility says that my destiny is more important than anything else. Because we have to realize that our destiny is all about other people. So humility in a sense is still loving and caring about others no matter what they have done or said. Hurts and disappointments will come there is no doubt about that, but the humble person will not allow those hurts and disappointments to stop them from loving and caring about others in words and in actions.

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  1. Yes, humility acknowledges that God loves people enough to die for them, despite the pain it cost Him. Humility is choosing God's heart and not our own. Humility is a willingness to lay aside our self glory, that He might be glorified in us. Humility says, "Without Him, I can do nothing!"