Wednesday, June 10, 2009

First thing

June 10, 2009 Wednesday
I have gotten the chance to do some reading this week and everything I have read and even listen to has been about setting the attitude for your day first thing in the morning. I do know that when you wake up you are in alpha stage, whatever happens first thing stays with you through the day. I recommend that when you get up, don’t have a tornado siren of an alarm clock wake you. However you wake up, do so more gentle and peaceful, it is possible. As a last resort have the air raid siren wake you.
Once you are up I highly recommend that you have some sort of routine, after the bathroom, which you follow. I have some stuff that I am going to put on note cards and laminate. Decision for the day! Anyways, the decision for this week is to have an attitude of love. I haven’t got it on paper yet but I will soon. This only takes a couple of minutes. Even if you are not a morning person, this will help you through the day immensely. Your daily routine is a habit you have formed, so why not make the first thing in the morning a good habit.

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