Thursday, June 25, 2009

Give it back

June 25, 2009 Thursday
Sinice I am working for myself now and not on a clock I find that I really have to dsicipline my time more. I can't stand to waste time. However, sometimes it can be hard to determine what needs to be done and when. During my workout this morning I was just being quite and listening. It came to me that if I give my gift/talent to God, He will honor it. I don't have to worry about time, about finances, all the things that I tend to concern myself with. If I honor the One who gave me the talent'gift then all is good. I will continue to discipline my time and resources accordingly but all worry is gone. So from me to you, give your time back to the One who gave it to you. You may not consider God the Leader of your life, but all I am suggesting is that you give honor, time, your gift/talent to where it came from. Be careful you don't get like me and start thinking you have to do it all. I have to realize that I am so limited and don't know it all. Sounds easy but for some reason that pride in me wants to be on control. So just a thought today, give it back

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  1. When I was young in the Lord, after He had called me into the ministry, I use to "why" Him to death. Finally, one day, He asked me "what business is it our yours, what I do?" What he taught me is that He is sovereign. Who can know the mind or reasoning of God? What ever gifts or callings He has given us, they are for his own reasons and His own glory. This includes how much time he gives, and how He will use the time He has given us. This took a lot of pressure on me, because I knew God would use his gifts and time well.