Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Are You Sure

June 3, 2009 Wednesday
There is a deodorant commercial that says, “Raise your hand if you’re sure.” There are times when I wonder; am I sure I am doing the right thing; am I sure I am where I am supposed to be; am I sure this is the plan for my life; am I sure I am doing what I am supposed to be doing… Thoughts like that often try to get me distracted from what I am focused on at the time. Heading into this summer I have really had to deal with those thoughts because of the changes taking place in our lives. I think we all want that assurance that we are doing the right thing. Like I tell you all the time, I know there is a plan for my life and I have to believe in that plan; then go work the plan. I, too, have to trust and know that God has my best interest in mind. But do I have my best interest in mind?

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