Friday, June 19, 2009


June 19, 2009 Friday
Well, I won't be a Mac daddy. The Mac didn't workout. So I am in line to get a Del now. So I don't know when I wil get it. I can use Melissa's and my IPhone in the mean time.
There have been times in the past week that I have wanted to throw myself a pity party. Thinking that I can't ever get this right or that nobody really cares if I write this stuff or not; what's the use. However, I know that if nobody else by me reads it, it is worth it. I am getting some things right and I am worth it. This is an attitude that we need to take more often. If you ever don't think you are good enough or not worth it; know that you are!! You have a purpose and a destiny, when things go wrong and bad, that is just a time for us to grow and mature.

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