Sunday, June 7, 2009

Join hands

June 7, 2009 Sunday
You may be thinking that life and all it brings with it is hopeless and it’s no use to try, well, I am telling you it’s not hopeless and there is use in trying. Don’t you ever give up! Nobody said life was going to be a cake walk and be easy all the time. I know it’s tough and unfair at times. I know life can be cruel and treat you really bad, but there is more on the inside of you than there is in the world. You have a destiny inside of you and that’s what life sometimes tries to steal from you. Don’t let stuff stop you from your destiny. There are going to be bad days, I have had bad years, trust me I feel your pain, but I know I have destiny and I know you do too. We are a team and we, together, can walk through anything. There is nothing that can stop us, but us. We just need to join hands, lock arms, and move forward. You are not by yourself!!! I love and appreciate you guys very much! Each of you is a vital part of my destiny.

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