Wednesday, April 8, 2009

April 8, 2009 Wednesday
I have noticed one thing very distinctly during this transition phase. That one thing is my perspective is changing in so many ways. The way I look at people, circumstances, situations, relationships, and of course myself, as changed drastically. I believe I have a far healthier perspective now than I did before this transition phase began.Not long ago while at a Bama Softball game, I had a man ask me if I were in military. I told him that I was not. He then told me that he was and had noticed how I observed the people and things going on around me. He went on to tell me that he did not mean that in a bad way, but just noticed it. Even when a helicopter had flown over that he noticed how I had looked at it, as if I were checking to see if it were friend or enemy. At the time I had not realized that I was doing this, but I took note of it. I have in fact started to take more notice of people and things around me. How people interact with one another, friend to friend, stranger to stranger, parent to child, and so on. At a ballgame you can see many different interactions between various groups of people. This has helped me a lot in noticing and observing people. I have noticed a lot of different things, but I am still filing them away at the time. But one of the main things I am seeing is how people influence others. Also, that by just watching and observing, not judging but just keeping an open mind and watching I have learned quite a bit about people’s behavior. The best way to learn for me is to keep my mouth shut, and keep my eyes, ears, and mind open.

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