Wednesday, April 22, 2009


April 22, 2009 Wednesday
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Monday was definitely a Monday. The day after spring break you know would have to be challenging. It was to say the least a challenge, but one that I learned a lot about myself. The two areas that I learned about myself were; being patience and rejection.
I found out that the Sunday and Monday messages had not been received, so FB told me to resend them, which I did. Then later I find out, it was a delay in the FB message system. So people were getting my messages at all hours of the night and early morning. Multiple messages at that, which aggravated me to no end. I know others were even more aggravated than I.
The second area was in rejection. I do not handle rejection well at all. As I said a long time back, when people first started to opt out of this group I had to deal with rejection. Not all were upset or rejecting me; and I know I can’t take it personal, but that is very difficult for me sometimes. I know that is just insecurity on my part; something I really have to bring under subjection. Then it looked as if I had been rejected for a position. I was devastated at first. I could not believe what I had read, when told no thank you. Immediately I took it personal, knowing that it wasn’t. It was those old insecurities coming back to haunt me once again. But just as soon as I let it go and turned it loose I got a second note asking for a meeting to discuss the position. But I know from those couple of hours that I still have to deal with rejection. I haven’t gotten to where I need to be in that area. But I know I will defeat that awful feeling that I get when rejected.

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