Friday, April 17, 2009

Book in the Works

April 17, 2009 FridayI am still trying to wrap my brain around the fact that a publishing company is interested in looking at my manuscript. We are a long way from a done deal, but this is a step closer than I was yesterday at this time. There is an approximate two month period I have to write the manuscript. I will have more time this summer of course. But I have gotten most of the first chapter completed. Forgiveness being the first decision we make in determining our destiny. I have six more to go, plus the introduction, conclusion, bio, and anything else that I can’t remember right now. The publisher has asked for me to get as many people reading the stuff I have been writing, in order to build a foundation of readers. This helps in the credibility part of my writing. It also helps to get the word out that I am writing a book. Those of you that know marketing know this very well. There have been several of you that have helped me already. Some have invited their friends to join A Walk… I really, really appreciate you doing that. I ask that more of you, if you will, invite people to join. Also, there have been a couple of folk that have been helping me with marketing. I am using twitter now and a member of LinkedIn. Also, this is on Getting the word out there is important. I am not used to all this but it has been exciting. I am still in shock that there are approximately 560 people getting this now. My original goal was 50. I want to thank you all again. I really do appreciate all you have done. You are the greatest team I have ever been on. I believe we will continue to grow and make a huge impact and difference in the people around us and all over the world. I love you and God bless!!

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