Sunday, April 5, 2009


April 5, 2009 Sunday
We have been discussing the fear of transition and change, and really just fear overall. There comes a time when it is time to take action. It’s time to fear your fear behind you; or just do it afraid. Become a person of action. So many people never take that step of action. They talk about it, plan it, but never make the move. Sometimes it’s best to just take the plunge and other times we are to move more slowly. Timing is always the vital key for me. When and how at what speed is a bigger question for me than should I do it.
You have greatness inside you; now we got to work on releasing that greatness. You could have a great idea, a great thought, a great plan, even a great invention right inside you. There are so many great things that have never been released in the world because people didn’t release their gift/talent. You have something that this world needs. You are here for a reason. Don’t die without having fulfilled that reason. You have greatness inside you.
It is time to be a person of action!! Release that gift/talent. Begin to move into your destiny.

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