Thursday, April 16, 2009


April 16, 2009 Thursday
I think we can wrap up this session with unforgiveness today. I am sure that we will be back here again in the no so far future. Unforgiveness is a powerful weapon that is used against us, often times by ourselves. We hold ourselves hostage, thinking that we have control over someone else. While all the time the other person has no idea that there is even a hostage situation going on. It is all in our mind and heart. We act as if we have control of the other person by withholding our forgiveness. While in reality the only person that is being controlled is us. We are the only one being hurt by the hostage situation.
Then think of this as a hostage negotiation. It is time to let the hostage go, yourself!! Throw down your weapon, your unforgiveness, and let the hostage go free. No one has to get hurt or killed in this situation. Everyone can walk away free and clear of everything that has been going on. The record can be wiped clean, sealed up and thrown away, never to be brought back up again. It is gone, even though it does not have to be forgotten. It is remembered in a way that helps us, not hurts us. When we have truly forgiven someone, the memory may still be vivid, but the pain associated with that memory is gone. It has been released to never to harm us again. The pain of unforgiveness will not hold us hostage ever again.
I received an email yesterday from my publishing company. They want me to submit my manuscript for Everyday Decisions Determine Our Destiny. Now I have to finish it. They want me to increase the number of people that are reading this blog each day. So please invite people to join. Some of you already have been inviting people, thank you so much!! I appreciate all you that have been so supportive. You all are so awesome.

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