Saturday, April 11, 2009

Book Talk

April 11, 209 Saturday
I have made some major destiny steps, major to me anyways, in the past few days. I am going to concentrate my full attention to writing and speaking. I met with Pastor Scott, the Lead Pastor at Daystar Family Church, which is were we attend, and agreed to teach some classes there again. I am really looking forward to that, I have taught some Sunday School classes there in the past. This will be a good place for me to share what I have been sharing with you for some time.
Also, I have decided to start on a project; Everyday Decisions Determine Our Destiny. It will be a book on paper one day; it already is one in my mind. I still have to work on You Have Permission To… I think the two will merge into each other. I am so excited about writing Everyday Decisions though. I will develop 5-7 daily decisions that we make that help us to shape and reach our destiny. I will give you updates as they come available.
Of course, none of this, the writing, the blog, the speaking, none of it is possible with Jesus in my life. You may not share my view on that, but as for me; this one thing I know, I once was blind but now I see. He is enabling me to do this; I don’t ever want to take the credit, only the blame for when I miss Him. I don’t preach at you and I never will, but I do want you to know Jesus is my Source. If you don’t want to read this any longer because of that, I completely understand and there are no hard feelings at all. But never forget that I love and appreciate you all so very much. You have been so supportive and encouraging to me. I welcome the positive and the negative comments. I always want to know the truth; whether I like it or not; truth is always and will always be truth!! Look forward to hearing from you and hearing your questions and other comments.

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