Saturday, August 1, 2009

Defining Trust

August 1, 2009 Saturday
Wow July is gone! School is getting ready to start back up; which means one thing; Football Season!!!! Won’t be long now, practice has started and it getting so close.
Trust is a strange thing sometimes, to many people. I have gotten many notes over the past few days about trust. I appreciate them all too. I have really had my eyes opened to the issue of trust. I don’t have the issues that I did at one time, but we all have some issues with trust. It is a very valuable and sensitive thing. I call it a thing, because it’s not an emotion, it’s not an object; it’s not really a thing, but what else to call it. Trust is fragile but at the same time it holds marriages together, teams together and even countries together.
I am looking into my own working definition of trust; what trust is or what is trust, so that I can eliminate any issues that I may still have regarding trust.

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