Friday, August 7, 2009

My Encourager

August 7, 2009 Friday
Today is Melissa and I 10th Anniversary. Just seems like the other day I was waiting at the altar with Bro Pat and my dad, for her to make her entrance. A day that I will cherish forever and ever, our wedding day!!
Melissa has been an awesome encourager to me, especially in the past 2 years. We have gone from one extreme to another in several areas of our lives. We were in debt up to our eye balls this time last year and she would keep on telling me, “Everything is fine, we got each other and that’s more important than money in the bank.” Today we still have each other and we got the money in the bank. When I knew it was time to leave OD and start writing she was right there encouraging me to do it. I know it has been a stretch for her in so many ways. Putting up with me is enough to discourage anybody, but she is still by my side. Not behind me and not out in front, but right by my side. She is the ultimate encourager to me!!

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