Sunday, August 23, 2009

Peace Infection

August 23, 2009 Sunday
There has been a lot of talk about swine flu and all that stuff lately. People being infected and carriers of the strain of flu has been the talk. When it comes to peace, I would love to be a carrier of peace. To be one who has so much peace that the peace I carry calms others, I infect other people with peace. Don’t misunderstand, I know that I don’t have that peace yet, but I am working on it. To be a peace keeper is one thing but to be a peace maker is something completely more. It’s not so hard to keep the peace, but can you make peace where there is turmoil? Only if you have more than enough peace inside you can you be a peacemaker. I have to get the stuff that is un-peaceful out of my life before I can replace it with peace. Peace is a key to so many things in our lives.

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  1. You have what you want. You have the Prince of Peace residing within you. His peace is enough, indeed more than enough. In this life, we will have tribulation and trials, but we need not be afraid, because He has overcome the world. The greatest peace making mission we have while here on earth is to lead the world to the Prince of Peace. But you are right, our greatest personal mission should be to let the Prince of Peace rule and reign in our hearts and life. It is then that our peace will become infectious.