Saturday, August 22, 2009

Peace Out

August 22, 2009 Saturday
I was thinking yesterday, what is it that we want from life? The answers to that question are endless I suppose. I have thought about this often, especially when Melissa was pregnant with Gloria. What did we want, what do I want from life, what do you want from life, and so on and so on. I finally have come to the conclusion that peace is the main thing in life I desire. My reasoning being that if I have peace then no matter what is going on around me, to me, to you, to my family, I know that all is well. Peace is the umpire of life. Peace will call you out or safe, may even have to throw you out the game for a period of time. But when we have peace, we know that we will walk through whatever life hits us with. When things are good and we have peace we can enjoy our family, friends, and others. Peace keeps me sane, keeps the joy in my life, and keeps hope alive in my life. Without peace nothing will work out for you. You will not have joy no matter how good things are going without peace. Peace is what I desire most in life. So peace must be what I bring to the table.

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