Saturday, August 29, 2009

Catching Up

August 29, 2009 Saturday
Got back from Grove Hill this morning around 1am. Had a good time at the game. First person I saw was Freddie Pringle, who I haven’t seen in years, it was so good to catch up with him. Then I spent the evening walking with the chain gang; which Doug Bradford was part of, another cousin I haven’t seen in years. Bobby Keahey was also part of the chain gang. So it was entertaining to say the least.
We are getting a lot closer to having Embrace Your Destiny out on the market. So much has happened since I started that book; I can see why authors say that once the book comes out they wonder if it is really all that good. I see where I would change things and add things, but that’s why we continue to write. I have made a lot of those changes in the project I am working on now, Playbook of Champions and I know that when it’s done I will be making changes in the 3rd book, which right now is going to be called The Encourager. I have created a character in the Playbook; his name is Aggie, and I want to carry him over into The Encourager. So I am seeing a lot of Jackson in the 3rd book. So look out Jackson folk, I am going to be talking to you over the next year or so. But anyways, that’s where we are right now. Embrace will our soon, I will let you know more about it ASAP. Thanks so much for all you have done. I love you all very much!!

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