Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Equalizing Courage

August 12, 2009 Wednesday
It takes courage to overcome disappointment. When you have been hurt or disappointed by someone, it takes courage to overcome those feelings and still demonstrate the love that we are to show to folk. One thing to remember is that we too disappoint and hurt others as well. We are not the victim and should not act like one. People of courage do not have a victim mentality. There is a time of recovery from being hurt and disappointed but there is no time to feel sorry for ourselves and/or have that victim mentality. Courage is the great equalizer to those feelings. When those negative emotions try to control us, we muster up the courage we have developed to stop them. So courage isn’t developed in the hard times, but it is exercised during the hard times. In other words, courage is developed and exercised all the time.

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